[blfs-support] remote display

Thanos Baloukas baloukasthan at sch.gr
Sat Mar 12 12:24:39 PST 2016

On 12/03/2016 08:11 μμ, Arnie Stender wrote:
> OK, I think I am losing or maybe have lost my mind. A couple days ago
> Bruce gave me a long post with detailed instructions on how to work
> through my remote display problem. Some how, some way, I have managed to
> lost it before I got around to doing it. I have been up on the archive
> and have searched for the "remote display" subject. I see a number of
> posts from different people on a lot of different subjects from this
> month but not my posts or any of the reply posts from Bruce, Pol or
> anyone else. Is there a time delay before the posts go to archive?
> Bruce, If you would be so kind, could you please resend that detailed
> set of instruction?
> I sort of got pulled off of this problem for a while because for a while
> because of self inflicted problems my BLFS system became UN-bootable. I
> have that fixed now but have come up with a bunce of different questions
> which I will post with new threads. Thanks a bunch for being here.
> Arnie
On the archives your thread starts here:


Following the 'Next message' link at the bottom you will find
Bruce's answer.


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