[blfs-support] remote display

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 12:47:58 PST 2016

Arnie Stender wrote:

> OK, I think I am losing or maybe have lost my mind. A couple days ago
> Bruce gave me a long post with detailed instructions on how to work
> through my remote display problem. Some how, some way, I have managed to
> lost it before I got around to doing it. I have been up on the archive and
> have searched for the "remote display" subject. I see a number of posts
> from different people on a lot of different subjects from this month but
> not my posts or any of the reply posts from Bruce, Pol or anyone else. Is
> there a time delay before the posts go to archive?

It should be in the archive, but I don't see it either.

> Bruce, If you would be so kind, could you please resend that detailed set
> of instruction?

Here you go.

First, the server has to support X.  In /etc/ssh/sshd_config you should have:

X11Forwarding yes
#X11DisplayOffset 10
X11UseLocalhost no
XAuthLocation /opt/xorg/bin/xauth  (if Xorg is installed in /opt)

If a change is needed, reload sshd.  (/etc/init.d/sshd reload)

On the client side:


Host  (ip of remote or name is in /etc/hosts)
ForwardX11Trusted yes
ForwardX11 yes


If you run 'ssh -v  remote', you should see

debug1: Requesting X11 forwarding with authentication spoofing.

Do NOT change DISPLAY.  You do not need the xhost command either. The 
sever will set DISPLAY to


If you have multiple sessions, it will change to remote:11.0, 12, 13, etc.
That's what the default X11DisplayOffset above does.

Then just run something like xclock and it should come up on your client.

Note that gtk+3 based apps will not display properly.  They don't look up 
settings on the remote system and look horrible, although they do run.  I 
think they need something on the local system, but I have yet to figure 
that out.

You can also troubleshoot the sshd daemon.  You have to run on the remote 
system '/usr/sbin/sshd -d'  and it puts debug info to the screen and the 
daemon does not go to the background.  That's how I figured out that 
XAuthLocation was needed.

   -- Bruce

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