[blfs-support] xdg-utils from book 7.8

Arnie Stender astender777 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 12:56:24 PDT 2016

     The make is barfing on trying to get some docbook.xsl files from 
the internet. I have all the dependance packages installed. I haven't 
been able to figure out which of the text based browsers it is trying to 
use but I can retrieve them or at least a couple of tests with firefox. 
There are a bunch of them and it looks like a very large task to do it 
manually and figure out where I need to put them all. The final error is 
that the target scripts failed.

xsl:import : unable to load 

Makefile:23: recipe for target 'scripts' failed

I need this to run parole. Has anyone run into this before? Got a 
fix/workaround? Thanks in advance.


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