[blfs-support] Problems with KMail 4.14.10

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers edgaralwers at gmx.de
Wed Mar 16 04:49:46 PDT 2016


I am facing problems with this version of KMail. As KMail is a very old and 
reliable program of KDE, I am pretty sure, I made the problems :-(  Perhaps 
somebody can help.

First of all, the head of the message-body is a terrible list of formating 
commands, I do not want to know or read. See attached picture. I did not 
managed  to make this rubbish disappear.

Second: I cannot change the fonts of the message-body

And last and most important: when moving from one message to another, the 
program with rare exceptions crashes with a segmentation error. However, I 
cannot catch a backtrace, the program always says, there is no enough 

Any ideas what I could do ? By the way, contacts and calendars are working 

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers <edgaralwers at gmx.de>
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