[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.10.0 (Thelma)

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Fri Dec 24 19:08:16 PST 2004


I am pleased to announce 0.10.0 -- codenamed Thelma -- and the begining
of the new stable 0.10 releases. Begining, because it didn't quite get
the finishing touches it deserves, and stable since it should be mostly
smaller glitches that needs attention. If you didn't follow the
development of what has become 0.10.0 now is the time to upgrade. I hope
you will like the result and that you will help to further stablelize
0.10 by reporting any problems you may find.

First, let's look at the changes since rc3, noting that the complete
changelog is available in the package.


 - The example Perl hooks file was improved and now features amongst
   other things a random URI generator.

 - LEDs (state indicating panel) are now compiled in by default.

 - The (unmaintained) leet.po file was dropped.


 - Fix a form parsing bug introduced in cleanups related to ECMAScript
   document.forms support.

 - Fix namespace clashes with Windows headers.

In retrospect, the past year has brought a lot of changes upon the
project; both in the code and on the project in general. In the code,
many exciting things was introduced during the development of 0.10. To
name a few you will find simple CSS and ECMAScript support, plain-text
mark-up and HTML source high-lighting. Also a lot of work has gone into
improving the user interface so that navigation using cursor routing is
now possible and editing of text-input form-fields optionally can be
made modal so that they do not steal input when scrolling documents. The
networking was enhanced with support for internationalized domain names
and new protocols like gopher. Finally, the build system was upgraded to
be more configurable and new documentation was written.

There has been a total of 5467 commits in the 0.10 branch, which doesn't
top the 0.9 branch but again I think 0.9 had more cleanups and splitups.
The commit statistics for the 0.10 branch:
jonas   Jonas Fonseca                  2717 commits  49.6%
zas     Laurent Monin                  1133 commits  20.7%
pasky   Petr Baudis                     975 commits  17.8%
miciah  Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters   515 commits   9.4%
witekfl Witold Filipczyk                101 commits   1.8%
vinnui  Varga Balázs                     11 commits   0.2%
fabio   Fabio Bonelli                    11 commits   0.2%
samek   Peter Samek                       2 commits   0.0%
kuser   Karsten Schölzel                  2 commits   0.0%

During the last year pasky handed over the maintainership to me. The
main motivation was to free up time to do more hacking. I think this has
worked out pretty well since he has been introducing the first taste of
ECMAScript. There are unfortunately also some gaps left behind by this
maintainer-change that I hope we can figure out as we go along.

This leads me to write a few words about what I think the new year will
bring. I have plans to add support for BitTorrent as part of a project
at my school and also look forward to RSS feeds (live bookmarks)
becoming a reality. The latter will make the slowly evolving DOM
implementation more useful. Hopefully form handling will also be
improved (bug 4); the ground work has already been done. The port for
MingW looks already promising so I maybe that will mature and make it
in. I plan to put together a roadmap during the next couple of months;
it was a great help during 0.9 and keeps the focus.

This is all of my late night Christmas Eve ramblings from the thawing
northern Jutland initially dedicated to the announcement of 0.10.0.
Thanks to all users and developers for an amazing year. Hope to meet
you in #elinks at FreeNode (http://freenode.net/).

Jonas Fonseca

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