[lfs-support] Error During Section 5.9 Binutils-2.22 - Pass 2

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 14:29:57 PDT 2012

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 01:25:07PM -0500, Lance King wrote:
>> After running the following commands per the guide...
>> CC="$LFS_TGT-gcc -B/tools/lib/" \
>> AR=$LFS_TGT-ar RANLIB=$LFS_TGT-ranlib \
>> ../binutils-2.22/configure --prefix=/tools \
>> --disable-nls --with-lib-path=/tools/lib
>> >From the binutils-build folder in the sources folder I get the following
>> error
>> message:
> [...]
>> checking whether the C compiler works... configure: error: in
>> `/mnt/lfs/sources/binutils-build':
>> configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.
>> If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'.
>> See `config.log' for more details.
>> Any ideas on what could be causing this issue or ideas where to start
>> looking.
>  All sorts of things, you need the error messages from the program
> fragment which failed.  It looks as if you've got the right
> config.log (it reports exit 1, which sounds like a failure) -
> binutils (and other some large packages) can have multiple
> config.log files, depending on how far it got.
>  Try looking a little above the part of the log that you posted.
> Search for 'cannot run C compiled programs' - use vim/view/less to
> make searching easy [ /cannot\ run\ C ] then look at the lines just
> above that for other error messages - might be missing object files,
> or something causing it to be treated as an invalid architecture, or
> (unlikely, but I've managed it :) invalid CFLAGS, or possibly
> something related to the host distro.

Ther first think I'd want to know is what is the value of $LFS_TGT and 
$PATH.   What are the contents of /tools/bin and /tools/lib?

   -- Bruce

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