[lfs-support] can't compile gcc pass 1

pnhearer pnhearer at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 17:48:38 PST 2013

On 01/06/2013 02:39 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Tobias Gasser wrote:
>>> My error with this page, even after having built one or two versions of
>>> LFS, was that the last line:
>>> "gcc compilation OK"
>>> that made me ignore the other lines, when some of these lines were
>>> telling me that I had requirements to fix.
>>> I thought: "all right, host can compile, so the other lines are just
>>> additional information or recommendations, may be".
>> i had the same problem. so i reworked the script.
>> i moved the compile test after checking for gcc, and put linux at the
>> end, as there have to be checked 2 versions
>> the output does not only show min requirement, but the current version
>> the book builds too.
>> my script aborts if /bin/sh is not bash, awk not gawk or yacc not bison.
>> if awk or yacc are scripts, i show a message to check the script.
> The idea of the script was that it should be short.  Generally the 
> problem is that the symlinks are not set and occasionally makeinfo is 
> not installed.  Rarely is the problem an out-of-date executable.
> I'll think about changes.
>    -- Bruce
I agree that the script should be short but if it doesn't facilitate its
intended purpose, which is to inform the reader that they have
requirements not met , in a fashion that is obvious and informative,
then its plain to see that this script falls a bit short. If your script
has a failure because lets say makeinfo isn't installed, then either a
test for makeinfo needs to be included or the test that fails due to
makeinfo needs to be excluded. If in this case that test is unexcludable
then well ...there you go. I'm just scrub when it comes to scripting
mind you but the philosophy should ring true. Simple enough to get all
points across.

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