[lfs-support] [LFS 7.2] [Chapter 6] Symlink Style Package

Stephen Bryant StephenRBryant at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 12:40:07 PST 2013

On 28 January 2013 13:08, Stephen Bryant <StephenRBryant at gmail.com> wrote:
> I should also say that I have realised that the script I gave earlier
> is *massively flawed* and should not be used (I have created a new
> version that actually does what I intended, but don't have it to hand
> right at the moment).
> Steve

For anyone who's interested, here is the 'improved' symbolic link creation
script. No guarantees implied or given, but it seems to be working for me
so far so I'm going to keep using it until I find a good reason not too. It
is so densely commented because I don't write bash scripts very often, so I
want to be able to understand it if I come back to it sometime in the

cat > CreateSymlinks.sh << "EOF"

# Create a soft-link from the root-tree equivalent of the files in the
calling directory
# and its children to the absolute locations of these files.

# Find each subdirectory in this directory
find . -type d | while read relpath; # Assign each relative ./path/of/dirs
to $relpath in turn
   if [ -d "$relpath" ] # Ensure $relpath is a directory
      if [ "$relpath" != "." ] # Ignore the current ('./') directory
         # Extract the root tree equivalent of the relative path:
         rootpath="${relpath#*.}" # Remove leading '.'

         # Create the target directories in the root tree, if not already
         echo "mkdir -p $rootpath"
         mkdir -p "$rootpath"

         # Get the absolute location of the relative path:
         abspath="$(readlink -f $relpath)"

         # Create the symlinks to the files / links
         # Only find the file/symlink (-type f) contents of the current
(-maxdepth 1) $relpath
         find "$abspath" -type f -maxdepth 1 | while read filepath;
            filename="$(basename $filepath)"
            echo "ln -sv $abspath/$filename $rootpath"
            ln -sv "$abspath"/"$filename" "$rootpath"

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