[lfs-support] 5.33

Michael Havens bmike1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 12:57:55 PST 2015

>> All of the GLIBC_PRIVATE lines seem to me like you are attempting to use
>> LTO. Are you using LTO?
>> You are only one person out of many who can't build a complete system
>> without many errors which you can easily search the last ten years of
>> archives from many mailing lists. the LFS devs build every day but use book
>> commands and don't deviate from the book. When you need help you explain
>> your deviances from the book.
I was wrong, I did deviate from the book./ I added the symbol '&&'
periodically at points I wanted the program to halt if anything didn't
complete. I am now removing the added symbols.
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