[lfs-support] New Lfs 7.8 system with some boot up errors and a question on network

Pol Vangheluwe pol.vangheluwe at belgacom.net
Sat Nov 7 09:26:09 PST 2015

> Op 7 nov. 2015, om 00:37 heeft Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com> het volgende geschreven:
> On Fri, Nov 06, 2015 at 04:16:03PM -0500, David Mehler wrote:
>> This next one goes with the network interface. I'd prefer my
>> interfaces to be named eth0, eth1, etc and to let Linux worry about
>> the driver needed, I like consistent interface names.
>> [    3.930679] e1000 0000:02:01.0 eno16777736: renamed from eth0
>> [    3.938555] udevd[2664]: renamed network interface eth0 to eno16777736
>> There was a section in the book on this, which I have done, this is is
>> indicating I missed something. Any ideas welcome.
> I think you are saying that you have created the ifconfig.eth0 file
> (for a static address) ?  Check also section 7.4 'Managing Devices'
> which has options at and  The first option looks
> easiest, but _if_ you ran the script ( and it somehow
> created a _different_ MAC address in the rule, then the interface
> will be renamed - that has caught me in the past when I moved a
> copy of an LFS system to a new machine.
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I also had a problem with the (static) IP configuration file, when I booted for the first time my LFS-7.7-systemd system.
What the book says is correct, but it could maybe be expressed a bit more clearer:

1. As the Note (Udev may assign … your system) says, the output of “ip link” is totally different under LFS from what my host system told me.
The only problem is that I already forgot that Note, when I needed it after the first boot, so it took some time to find the solution
I had to rerun “ip link” and update the IP configuration file.

2.  The book suggests that the “Name=eth0” line in the configuration file should be copied as such, but that is not the case.  I had to put the “ip link” name there, to make the interface work.
If you want to use “eth0” as interface name, then you must give that name to the configuration file.
This was finally working for me (interface name = “wired”):

root:/sources# cat > /etc/systemd/network/10-static-wired.network << "EOF"
> [Match]
> Name=enP2p32s15f0
> [Network]
> Address=
> Gateway=
> DNS=

My suggestion: change the command (for a static config) as follows:

cat > /etc/systemd/network/10-static-<your interface name>.network << “EOF”
Name=<interface name, reported by “ip link" under LFS>


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