[lfs-support] File "LFS-BOOK-7.8.pdf" has pdf formatting errors

Joseph Hesse joehesse at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 07:19:27 PST 2015

I started reading LFS-BOOK-7.8.pdf and found something is wrong with the 
pdf formatting.

For example, in the transition from page xvii to xviii, the script is 
missing the usual #!/bin/bash on the top and page xviii does not have 
the page header on the upper right hand side.

I noticed that text was missing before the program listing (presumably 
the bottom of page xvii) when I copied the text from the pdf to a file 
that I could run as a bash script.

I tried reading the downloaded file with evince on Fedora 23 and from 
Firefox directly from your web site.

Can I obtain this book in some other format?

Thank you,

Joe Hesse

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