[lfs-support] Problem in section 5.3 of lfs book

Joseph Hesse joehesse at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 06:18:10 PST 2015


In the first "Important" box in section 5.3, the last item is:
/usr/bin/yacc is a symbolic link to bison or a small script that 
executes bison.

In my host system I have the file /usr/bin/yacc but it is not a symbolic 
link to anything. I also have the file /usr/bin/bison but it also is not 
a link to anything. Please advise on how I can fix this.


In the second "Important" box in section 5.3, item 3 says that I should 
use tar to extract the packages in /mnt/lfs/sources. Am I reading this 
right? There are 27 .tar.gz files, 11 .tar.bz2 files and 32 tar.xz 
packages. Extracting each one from the command line seems error prone. I 
am thinking about creating a script that would extract each package. Is 
this a good approach?


Also, I had to stop work and shut down my host system.  When I restarted 
it I had a gdm that displayed my name and the name "lfs". If I selected 
"lfs" nothing happened,  I was back to the gdm prompt. The only way I 
can be user "lfs" is to log in as myself and "su - lfs". Does this seem OK?


I appreciate your help.  Thank you,

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