[lfs-support] 2.4. Setting The $LFS Variable

Felix felix at oxley.org
Sat Nov 21 15:15:56 PST 2015

2.4. Setting The $LFS Variable

after many years of knowing about LFS I finally decided to give it a
As you can see I am only just begun :-)

My host system is Ubuntu Gnome 15.10.
I believe that Ubuntu uses dash as default shell, however based upon
the recommendation in the book I installed bash.
I then deleted the link /bin/sh to dash and recreated it to /bin/bash.

Then as section 2.4 I created the files .bash_profile for my user and
for root with the line:
> export LFS=/mnt/lfs

However, testing this with echo $LFS in all sorts of ways, including
rebooting, sudo su - , sudo echo $LFS , etc. showed that the
.bash_profile was not being respected.

I searched the mailing list archives and found the following post:

which gave me the answer to my problem.

I would like to respectfully suggest that this information could be
mentioned in Section 2.4 of the book.

Thank you.

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