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Mon Nov 23 13:55:32 PST 2015

23. Nov 2015 22:08 by joehesse at gmail.com:

> Hello,
> I just finished Chapter 5 of the LFS book. In order to shut my computer off 
> and do the work over several days, I put a line in my host's fstab file to 
> mount my lfs partition on $LFS.
> Now that I am about to start Chapter 6 I plan on putting the mount commands 
> in sections 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 in the .bash_profile for root on my host 
> system.
> Since, afaik, the chroot command does not survive a reboot, I also plan on 
> putting the chroot command in section 6.4 in the same .bash_profile file.
> Did I miss anything in regards to rebooting my computer?
> Thank you,
> Joe Hesse
> --

Not sure if you should put those in a bash_profile, I would write them in a 
file or script so you can run it on demand when you need it. But you covered 
most of the important things, the PATH variable and the chroot command.

Don't forget to mount the virtual filesystems again like /mnt/lfs/dev and 
/mnt/lfs/proc etc before entering chroot. Also set CFLAGS and makeflags again 
if you were using those.

Oh, and success with building, hope it all works!

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