[lfs-support] Building gcc-5.2.0 Pass 1 on certain systems: Fix for the "invalid shift operand" error

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 19:33:55 PST 2015

c.posingies at gmail.com wrote:
> Hello list-

> on certain systems (more-or-less current MiniBIAN in my case, seems to
> apply to Debian systems too) the pass 1 of building gcc-5.2.0 breaks
> with the following error message:

> gcc-5.2.0/gcc/expr.c:6529:1: internal compiler error: output_operand:
> invalid shift operand

> This happens when your current gcc is 4.6.x. Look at your /usr/bin
> directory and check to which subdirectory the gcc link points. If there
> is only 4.6.x installed on your host, use your favorite package manager
> to upgrade to at least 4.7, according to the GCC Bug #67919. I’ve tried
> 4.8, and it worked for me.

I will update the host system requirements to gcc-4.7 in the next update.

   -- Bruce

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