[lfs-support] Why do we delete files from dummy compilations carried out as sanity checks?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 10:37:26 PST 2017

Hazel Russman wrote:
> While building toolchains in both chapter 5 and chapter 6, occasional
> dummy programs are compiled and the output checked for consistency. The
> instructions say to delete them and all related files afterwards. But
> all this work is being done in temporary directories created by tar,
> which will themselves be deleted next, so why the extra step?

Yes, you are right, but it really does not hurt anything.  The extra 
instructions are just to make the tests symmetrical.

Many time with my students, I help them debug problems and go back and 
check with those tests.  The location of the test is thus not always in 
the extracted directory.  The deletion is there as a reminder no matter 
where the test is run.

   -- Bruce

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