[lfs-support] compile 4.17.7 32 bit

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sun Jul 22 09:11:27 PDT 2018

> Queued in the tip tree this week, should be in 4.19 and then will
> presumably get backported to the still-maintained kernels.
> But it is expected to have a big performance impact on the old
> machines without a later feature (PCID : Process Context Identifier,
> according to wikipedia that was introduced with Westmere, the 32nm
> die-shrink of Nehalem).

Bummer!  My newest is one Bloomfield and one Lynnfield.  My "daily driver" is a Conroe Core 2 Duo.  But it can't be helped I suppose.  Fortunately, I'm not a "gamer".

The trouble with getting a newer i3 is the infrastructure incompatibility.  There's no failure short of a direct lightning strike that would take me down for more than a few minutes.

Thanks, Ken.  I'll start prowling kernel versions again.

Paul Rogers
paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
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