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Tue Nov 30 12:51:53 PST 1999

Now that there seems to be good competition for Lynx, these are the issues
I see with links:

1) Is there ANY bookmark support?  Especially _using Lynx_ bookmarks, or
even an external app to convert to and from Lynx bookmarks (so I can keep
both up to date).

Actually, even along with some sort of bookmark _page_ support like Lynx, 
having the "Links" menu be a bookmark menu, or adding a menu, would be
good.  (Heck, maybe even heirarchical menus, though I realize some of this
would be hard to fit on 80 * 24).

2) The REALLY annoying thing is how hard it is to quit links.  I have to
hit escape, wait [I don't understand why], hit down arrow, hit e.

I wish I could just hit Q or :q, or just plain E.. whatever

3) Is there planned to be better frame support?  Currently I am under
the impression that links does frames like Lynx... you "go into" each frame
as if it were a separate link.

That's one advantage of w3m.  w3m does frames like a GUI browser.  Yes, 
I am comparing text browsers to a GUI browser.  I _love_ text browsers, but
_do_ want them to be _as fully functional_ as GUI browsers, with the 
exception of graphics turned off.

4) JavaScript.  This is the holy grail of text-based browsers.  There are
several commercial sites (such as that do JavaScript, and 
I _have_ to use a GUI browser for.  I have no hardware at home that can run
a GUI browser (nor do I intend on getting any soon).  I would even pay for
a text-based browser that did JavaScript and SSL well enough for me to use
these kinds of sites on a UNIX shell.

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