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Mikulas Patocka mikulas at
Tue Nov 30 13:32:38 PST 1999

> >Javascript is quite complex thing - it can't be written over weekend. I'm
> >not planning it now. If someone wants it too much he can start working on
> >it.
> But from the little that I understand about JavaScript, it is VERY VERY VERY
> dependant upon the browser's internal model of the web page, such as the
> "current" page is talked about a lot.
> So I hope that at the very least links is being developed with JavaScript
> _in mind_ and you are using at least that design philosophy.  This, from my
> possibly wrong understanding, is the major reason why JavaScript can't be
> bolted onto Lynx, because it's designed in a completely different way.

What actions can Javascript do? Changing form entries, redirecting browser
(not problem), writing to document (currently unsuppotered but easy to
do), creating new windows (used mainly for adverts, we shouldn't allow
page to create unlimited number of windows), displaying dialogs (can
easily lock up netscape: while (1) msg_box(...). Needs to be done
smarter). Are there any other actions?


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