bookmarks/easier to quit/frame support

Mikulas Patocka mikulas at
Tue Nov 30 13:40:29 PST 1999

> This approach would also allow you to e.g. rebind the keys that activate a
> link (enter, right-arrow, ???) to use a wrapper function that
> special-case-handles some url types (ooh --- mailto!) and passes the rest on
> to the builtin url visiter. For an embeddable scripting language, I think
> Lua[1] looks pretty good; it is small enough that I think the code bloat it
> would inflict is acceptable, and it's Really portable.

It seems good to have some scripting.

> Is anybody else noticing that quitting seems to leave the cursor way over on
> the right edge, so the next shell prompt wraps and leave a character or two
> behind? Or is this peculiar to my environment (working on the raw console of a
> laptop, in 50-line mode, under Red Hat 6.1, in a screen(1) session)?

I tried to fix it, try -current.


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