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Tue Nov 30 13:41:47 PST 1999

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Mikulas Patocka wrote:
>> >Javascript is quite complex thing - it can't be written over weekend. I'm
>> >not planning it now. If someone wants it too much he can start working on
>> >it.
>> But from the little that I understand about JavaScript, it is VERY VERY VERY
>> dependant upon the browser's internal model of the web page, such as the
>> "current" page is talked about a lot.
>> So I hope that at the very least links is being developed with JavaScript
>> _in mind_ and you are using at least that design philosophy.  This, from my
>What actions can Javascript do? Changing form entries, redirecting browser
>(not problem), writing to document (currently unsuppotered but easy to
>do), creating new windows (used mainly for adverts, we shouldn't allow
>page to create unlimited number of windows), displaying dialogs (can
>easily lock up netscape: while (1) msg_box(...). Needs to be done
>smarter). Are there any other actions?

I can't answer it but a quick search on Yahoo revealed:

which then links to netscape for documentation on JavaScript.

A couple of things that are basically un-doable in Lynx because of JavaScript
are sites which have JUST a popup to "go" somewhere..  Switching what
you're looking at or going to different areas of the site.  There's no
submit button.

Also, they do things like "on submit..." which I guess is often code that
verifies a form to see if it's filled in right, instead of redirecting
you to a "you did X wrong" site.

there's rollover buttons and such, which I think are fluff but somehow need
to be supported.. I _think_ this is JavaScript related.

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