[links-list] Patch: SSL revisited (patch cleanup)

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Mon Aug 28 13:45:39 PDT 2000

2000-08-28-17:20:42 Morten Bo Johansen:
> It almost completed - but only almost. The process comes to a
> halt with a a longish outburst of errors of which I'm only
> including a few:
> Any idea what the problem is this time? 

You didn't include quite enough, I don't think.

But I'd guess it'd be a problem with not finding the right OpenSSL

Do you:

- have a recent OpenSSL installed? (I use 0.9.5a)
- have it installed with libs in /usr/lib/lib{crypt,ssl}* and
  headers in /usr/include/openssl/*
- have matching versions of the headers and the libs

If so, please email me the full output from the command sequence

	gzip -d <links-0.92.tar.gz|tar xvf -
	patch -p1 -d links-0.92 <links-0.92-ssl.patch
	cd links-0.92

and I'll see if I can make anything more of it.

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