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Cliff Cunnington cliff at ccnet.demon.nl
Tue Aug 29 01:19:56 PDT 2000

Hi Dave,

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 02:19:51PM -0400, David B . Harris wrote:
|<Big snip>

| Cookies

The release version of Links (0.92) does have cookies support, but no
persistence; i.e. close Links and set cookies disappear with it.

 1. Get the unofficial patch for "saving_cookies" from
	Your cookies will then be saved in ~/.links/cookies. Tip: change the
	perms on the file, i.e. `chmod o=rw ~/.links/cookies'

 2. If you don't want to patch Links, you can keep an instance of Links running
    in the background all the time. Any additional instances of Links all
	share the same cache, so any cookies set in any instance of Links can
	be read by any other.

	To get a recently-set cookie to work in Links, you need to refresh the
	page [Ctrl-R]
		- once from Links cache
		- [once from your http proxy]
		- once from the originating server

	i.e. press "Ctrl-R" three times, with an interval of above 1 sec between

I believe the saving_cookies feature will be in the next release version of 
Links -- it arrived a little too late for inclusion in 0.9x.

| Hm. :) Guess that's about it ;)
I think your mail got mangled somehow. Only ONE wishitem!! ;-)


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