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Cliff Cunnington cliff at ccnet.demon.nl
Tue Aug 29 01:19:41 PDT 2000

Hello again,

...there is more ...

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 03:10:17PM -0400, David B . Harris wrote:
| Sorry to reply to my own post, but I thought of a couple of other things that'd be useful -
| The ability to set $LINKS_XTERM from within links ...
| (not sure if you can do this, actually - I just changed the source), 

Not really sure what you are trying to achieve with this, but 
these lines can be found (and edited) in the ~/.links/links.cfg file.

terminal "xterm-debian" 1 0 1 ISO-8859-1
terminal "linux" 1 0 1 ISO-8859-15
terminal "rxvt" 1 0 1 ISO-8859-15
terminal "xterm" 1 0 1 ISO-8859-15

This format is:

<keyword> "<termcap>" <frames> <Use ^[[11m> <color> <term-charset>

| and .. well, I hate to say this - but what about Buttons 4 and 5? :) 
| Those are my scroll-wheel buttons, and it'd be cool if I could use 
| them within Links.
| Not sure if there'd be a limitation with xterm, 
| though. Ah well, just a thought :) 
[No comment]

| Oh, one-line-at-a-time scrolling 
|would be useful as well :)

   Ctrl-N	Scroll 2 lines down
   Ctrl-P	Scroll 2 lines up
You can also use INS and DEL keys to do the same.

| Dave
| P.S.: I'll look into implementing some of these myself, but I'm not guru. Heck, I'm not even a programmer ;)

Good luck with your buttons ;-)


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