[links-list] Links problem (minor)

Mark Tucker mark at tucker.net
Mon Aug 28 23:43:00 PDT 2000

When running Links 0.92 (downloaded binary) under OS/2 version 3.0 it is not
able to make connections if I enter the IP instead of the DNS name of the
site.   For example, if I hit "g" and then enter "" Links
instantly returns "Host not Found" whereas "http://hobbes.nmsu.edu" works
perfectly (same site).   I have some secondary web servers at work that do
not have a DNS entry that I need to connect to.  Yes, I know my network
configuration and name server are working since Netscape and wget work
perfectly in this manner on the same machine.  Links does not have this
problem under Debian Linux but has had this problem under OS/2 with all the
versions I've tried between 0.81 and 0.92.

BTW, I've been using it as my primary browser for several months now - it's

Mark Tucker
mark at tucker.net

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