[links-list] BUG REPORT and other nonsense

Cliff Cunnington cliff at ccnet.demon.nl
Wed Aug 30 00:24:08 PDT 2000

Hi Calum,

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 09:57:02PM -0400, cselkirk at sophix.uklinux.net wrote:
| cut and paste .. well at least to any of the text insertion windows ('go to' etc) 

To cut and paste under X11 hold down the KBD <shift> key when using the
usual cut-paste mouse buttons.

| command completion .. calling a local file can be a pain typing the full path 
| when it's file:///usr/doc/mutt-1.2.5i/samples/Manual/filename.html (libreadline ?)
Good call.

| hierachial bookmarks .. i see the FIXME in bookmarks.c so i take it it's a work
| in progress
Can't be sure. Bookmarks author Evan Hughes <hughes at lab43.org> last appeared on 
the list on May 08. "Are you still with us, Evan?"

| Update reference manual ...
I know, I know. I am reaching "critical urge" point to throw myself into it.
Current status:
	HTML -> draft Docbook-SGML (0.8x manual) was completed a while ago.
	Complete rewrite for 0.9x will commence tomorrow.

| ... (Cliff .. i'll contact you itnf re this)

If you are volunteering help -- yes please. Probably the most useful 
(for me) would be proof-reading and testing of the stuff I write. While 
writing the 0.8x manual, it was the checking and rechecking that was the most
time-consuming. Help on this will be most appreciated.

If you have other ideas, get in touch and we'll thrash something out.
| thats about it me'ducks .. oh btw links was reviwed (along with a number of
| other browsers) here in a UK linux mag .. believe it or not but w3m scored higher,
| can't figure that .. 0.10 doesn't even build here.

No accounting for taste. W3m (the last time I looked) had 
considerably more "features" than Links. Could have been that that swung
it for the reviewer. But then, "lack of features" and fast rendering has
been the best feature of Links (at least for me). ;-)

| ok thats my 2 scheckles worth
...and this is my much-depreciated 2 euro cents worth.


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