[links-list] BUG REPORT and other nonsense

David B.Harris dbarclay10 at yahoo.ca
Wed Aug 30 15:44:30 PDT 2000

To quote Cliff Cunnington <cliff at ccnet.demon.nl>,
# No accounting for taste. W3m (the last time I looked) had 
# considerably more "features" than Links. Could have been that that swung
# it for the reviewer. But then, "lack of features" and fast rendering has
# been the best feature of Links (at least for me). ;-)

I still find it odd, personally. I used w3m quite a bit, and while it had "features" I found it not only took longer to render a page, but also rendered a page rather badly(in some cases). And I hate to say it, but I found it hard to learn/use! :)


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