[links-list] Bug in frames and forms handling

Stepan Roh stepan at srnet.cz
Mon Feb 12 15:06:03 PST 2001

Attached is a kind of screenshot from Links 0.95, which shows that form
(or, to be more specific, text area) overlaps frame borders. Screenshot
was grabbed (ehm) by gpm, so it doesn't look very well (I had to change
Terminal options to No frames and also turned on 7-bit ASCII for
international viewers :-) ). To see what I saw, go to
http://www.trekdnes.cz/index1.php and then click on:

       No jo... - Londo() (12.2.2001 20:05)

it's http://www.trekdnes.cz/reaction.php?news=1225&n=271. You'll possibly
also need your terminal width set to 80 chars or less.

Maybe it's feature, but it looks strange.

And there is also problem when you're writing to text area which is
partially off the screen - page won't move, cursor will blink in top left
corner of text area, but your typings are written (but you can't see it).

I have no time to look at these bugs myself, sorry :-(

Have a nice day.

Stepan Roh
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