[links-list] Why links has its own iconv?

Nevermind never at nevermind.kiev.ua
Thu Feb 15 09:38:29 PST 2001

Hello, ha shao!

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 02:53:28PM +0800, you wrote:

> Hi there,
>   It seems that links use its own charset converter in charsets.c.
> Why links does not use iconv provided by the system? The converter
> in charsets.c is too simple and won't handle double byte charaecters
> like Chinese. And there are lot more charset out there that need
> supports. 
> glibc 2.2 provides converting most charsets to utf-8.
> And any decent system should provider iconv in system library.
> Why not use iconv provided by the system?

I'm useing Links version 0.93 under FreeBSD 4.2 and it seems for me that it is
incorrectly converting _and_ displaying some russian letters.
(Yes, I can see them in other programs, but not in links).

	The instructions said to install Windows 98 or better,
	so I installed FreeBSD.

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