[links-list] Another patch for CJK

tommasip at softhome.net tommasip at softhome.net
Sat Feb 17 10:32:55 PST 2001

  Hello, i have made another (there's one a year ago) CJK codepage patch to
links. It's for 0.94 (should work for 0.95?).
  You can get it from <A
  It works by bypassing the 'unicode' conversion.
  Also included is a key patch that let you scroll only 1 column each time.
Useful for viewing double-byte chars.
  Moreover, a Traditional Chinese (big5) menu translation is also inlcuded.
 But why would u want chinese translation at all?? coz it's cool...

-Best regard
   PS: I should have to concentrate on exam now.

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