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Michael Deegan michael at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Wed Jan 3 07:09:51 PST 2001

On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 09:54:37AM -0500, Bennett Todd wrote:
> 2001-01-03-08:39:29 Michael Deegan:
> > This is probably really a request-for-feature, but how do I tell Links not
> > to use the proxy for local (LAN) hosts, as the proxy, naturally enough,
> > knows nothing about the hostnames that appear in my /etc/hosts :P
> It's been a while since I used the feature, but I believe under Lynx
> the trick was to specify a comma-separated list of hostnames
> (domainnames) as the value of the environment variable no_proxy
> (lowercase). A quick "strings /usr/bin/links|grep -i proxy" turned
> up names "no_proxy_for" and "no-proxy-for"; I'd try setting one or
> the other of those envar names to a list of hostnames and see if
> that does the deed.
> Or, you could hit escape, pick the "Setup" menu, choose "Network
> options", and fill in the hostnames (domainnames) you don't want
> to route through the proxy in the third text entry field, "Direct
> access (w/o proxy) domains (comma separated)". That plus a "save
> options" should also achieve the desired end.

It should, but it doesn't. I'd already tried that. :P

I can that to work with 'localhost', sometimes. eg. setting it to
'it.net.au,uwa.edu.au,localhost,whizz' makes localhost accesses direct, but
setting it to 'it.net.au,uwa.edu.au,whizz,localhost' doesn't. In neither
case is whizz (a machine on my LAN) accessed directly (or indeed, at all, as
all but one of my PC's aren't visible from outside my LAN).


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