[links-list] Patch for charset recoding when submitting forms

Mediavilla David DMediavilla at ADDRESS-REMOVED-ON.REQ
Thu Jan 11 01:21:01 PST 2001

> De:	Walery Studennikov [SMTP:hqsoftware at mail.ru]
> Enviado el:	jueves 11 de enero de 2001 6:17
> This patch is for links-0.95.
> It is simply recodes form fields text from "user charset"
> to "ducument charset" before sumbitting form.
> It's strange that this festure was still not available...
	[DME]  I have a problem: I can read most everything with links. But,
when I send data, it goes in the wrong charset. So I can't post accented
characters to sites like Slashdot. You see, an important bug :) .

		I am using links 0.94preSomething (the one Cristiano
Guadagnino left in Hobbes) on OS/2, I have Codepage= 850,437.

	 So, if I get it right, this patch will solve it, won't it? Great!
Thanks, Walery!

	David Mediavilla Ezquibela	<davidme.forum at ADDRESS-REMOVED-ON.REQ>
		[ES/EN/EO/IT/EU]	(Lan)

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