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> > > If one wants to test (s)he should come here and pick one
> > > 'pre' release up. Hobbes is in my opinion for mature stuff,
> > > i.e. official releases.
> > 
> > I agree. BTW, I did this because some people asked for a compiled
> > version of the latest sources (0.94pre9 at that time). I didn't
> > where to put it, so I put it on hobbes, where everyone could
> > download it. What does it mean "he should come _here_ and.."...
> > what are you referring to, when you say "here"?
> > 
> The site where the sources are being offered, or in a more general
> sense the mailinglist for links.

 Sorry for jumping in. I'm one of people (maybe the only one, don't 
know) who asked Cris for a more up-to-date binary than the latest one 
officially availabe from artax (it's 0.92 for OS/2, over half a year 
old now, whereas Links home page says the current version is 0.95). 
While I agree Hobbes might not be the best place for uploading pre-
release versions (although it isn't anything extraordinary there 
either - miscellaneous betas are coming there all the time), I'm 
still glad I could download that version (thanks again, Cris). As 
opposed to most of other people here, I'm no C programmer (I work on 
FPC, i.e. Pascal, but that doesn't matter), just a user who likes 
Links (thanks, Mikulas and all contributors). I don't want to install 
and configure a C compiler just to get a more recent version of 

> One additional problem with the hobbes uploads is that often
> beta releases remain there for ever while more recent, mature versions
> are available. Or do you plan to keep hobbes uptodate with all
> upcoming releases?! ;-)

 It would be nice if somebody with a good network connection could 
upload all official releases there, as it's definitely the best place 
for OS/2 versions Links, and OTOH it's probably a good publicity for 

                        Have a nice day

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