[links-list] Patch to work inside Twin.

Marco Bodrato bodrato at linuz.sns.it
Fri Jan 12 15:08:01 PST 2001

Here is a patch to use mouse and open new windows inside Termina WINdow

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Brent Cook wrote:
> Another idea would be to put links into some sort of split-screen mode,

IMHO this is not a good idea. Links is a browser, a good one, simple and
fast. There are other programs to manage multi-window/session: screen,
twin. It's enough if links will be aware of them and work inside them.

The patch is attached.

You can find a screenshot in:

Homepage for Twin is located at:

Two question:
	1) when I have to add new strings, do I have to write all
	2) How do I recreate language.inc ?

	Hope you like this,
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