[links-list] [docwhat at lego.gerf.net: Bug#82211: Doesn't honor ALT tags properly with A tags]

Peter Gervai grin at tolna.net
Mon Jan 15 03:58:30 PST 2001


This "bug"report is about empty ALT tags rendered as there were no ALT tag at all.

Either you want to fix it (to render empty ALT="" tags as invisible images), or
you want to keep it this way to keep the image selectable. 

In my opinion if the html author gives ALT="" he chose the image not important
to care about (and would break the text-only design), but your opinion may vary.


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I have links-ssl version 0.92.1-2 installed, but it is a links issue, not
an ssl issue.

Have this HTML:
<a href="http://gerf.org/"><img src="http://gerf.org/images/gerfsmall.png"
ALT=''> Gerf.Org</a>

It renders as:
[IMG] Gerf.Org

When it should be:


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