[links-list] Rebindable keys

Peter Wang tjaden at alphalink.com.au
Thu Jan 18 02:05:19 PST 2001

Goran Koruga <goran.koruga at hermes.si> wrote:
> I have a very simple question : can one bind say "back" function to some key
> with bind edit Ctrl-P back ?

If you mean "back" as going back in the history, then no.

> I have tried but it doesn't seem to work for
> me. I was able to bind ctrl-f and ctrl-b keys to move cursor backward and
> forward, respectively. Ohh just to make sure, I'd like to use that key in
> input fields. I guess edit should apply to form input text fields too (at
> least ctrl-f and ctrl-b work for me in them).

main = browsing
edit = dialogs and input fields

> The reason I'd like this to work is that on some pages there are only text
> input fields and it's very annoying to use back in File menu to go back
> (cursor left obviously won't work).

Yes, annoying, but I can't think of a simple way to solve it.

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