[links-list] OS/2 0.95 binaries

Mediavilla David DMediavilla at ADDRESS-REMOVED-ON.REQ
Mon Jan 22 03:39:55 PST 2001

> De:	Alexander Mai [SMTP:st002279 at hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de]
> Enviado el:	sábado 20 de enero de 2001 14:52
> >I just uploaded 0.95 binary for os/2.
> Then we need a volunteer to bundle it as a .zip and
> submit to hobbes ...
	[DME]  That volounteer could be interested in including my wrapping
and installing scripts
		(I thought about some changes that I will make one of these

		I also did a startpage more oriented to OS/2 users, that I
sent to Cristiano Guadagnino. If that volounteer wants, I could send it.

		Version 0.92a that was in Hobbes included better Readmes
than the current 0.94pre9.
		The volounteer may want to merge them.

	David Mediavilla Ezquibela	<davidme.forum at ADDRESS-REMOVED-ON.REQ>
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