[links-list] More keyboard actions patch

Peter Wang tjaden at alphalink.com.au
Tue Jan 23 15:14:33 PST 2001

Matt Ackeret <mattack at area.com> wrote:
> >
> >  * goto-url-current-link - open Goto URL dialog with current link
> This is already in as "G", at least in the links I'm using!

Note the difference between "current URL" and "current link".

> >  * open-new-window
> >
> >  * open-link-in-new-window
> I don't suppose any of this can be sort of faked on a text-only system?
> either open new 'screen' windows, and/or just essentially bring up new 
> copies of links we have to 'Quit' for each link..

Links already supports `screen'.  I don't remember how to enable it
though.  I think it's an environment variable (check the code).

> maybe that's bad, but
> something like this would be nice to do browsing while remembering there
> are more links we want to look at.

My `unhistory' patch is very good for that :-)  I really should
write a doc about how to use it..

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