[links-list] "</SMALL" showing up

Matt Ackeret mattack at area.com
Wed Jan 24 20:09:58 PST 2001

I went to:

logged in, and did a search (for "challenge", to find the road rules

Anyway, here's some of the resulting listings:

  [42]Add To My Calendar [43]Challenger: Final Voyage  DSCP-25  Thu, Jan 25, 200
  12:00 AM
  Tragically, space-shuttle mission 51-L explodes shortly after launch on Jan. 2
  1986. Special. [44]In grid </SMALL

  [45]Add To My Calendar [46]Real World/Road Rules Challenge  MTVP-45  Thu, Jan
  2001 5:00 PM
  "2001: Budding Romance"
  Fisherman games; James begins a relationship with Rebecca. Reality, CC, Stereo
  [47]In grid </SMALL

  [48]Add To My Calendar [49]Real World/Road Rules Challenge  MTVP-45  Sat, Jan
  2001 11:30 AM
  "2001: A Challenging Decision"
  Fire ring bungee; Julie learns of her possible suspension from BYU. Reality, C
  Stereo. [50]In grid </SMALL

the "</SMALL" isn't actually part of the link, but you see it's always showing

Is it screwed up HTML?

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