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Jeff Howie Jeff.Howie at federated.ca
Tue Jan 30 07:51:08 PST 2001

On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 03:56:43PM +0100, arti wrote:
> hello
> i think i dont have to say that links is great - we all know it :)
> but does it handle the cookies?
> i couldnt find any cookies options in the setup menu?
> regards

I know that links does cookies. There's some sites, like
http://newsone.net I just recently tried, specified that I had to use
cookies to subscribe, and it worked. This also applies to my Yahoo
mail box @ http://mail.yahoo.com.

HOWEVER (can you tell this has been bugging me :*>), links won't work
with my Deja account, login @ http://www.deja.com/my/pr.xp. After
entering username & password, I get the normal message 'Do you want to
post form data to url http://www.deja.com/my/pr/login_confirm.xp?',
then things go haywire. The next message box has a whole lot-o-garbage
(the cookie info maybe?), and I then get to a Yahoo message page
explaining that I must accept cookies.

For this reason only links is not yet my only browser, and I must use
lynx to read my newsgroups. 

Any ideas?


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