[links-list] Cookie handling bug.

Len lenbok at mailandnews.com
Wed Sep 5 22:46:16 PDT 2001

Group reply please.

When using links with bugzilla (http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ and our 
local installation of bugzilla), it seems I have to log in for every 
operation because the bugzilla cookies aren't being parsed correctly.

After a bit of investigation, it seems the cookie parsing code in links 
is overly strict. The problem is that the bugzilla cookies contained a 
space after the first cookie value and before the first ;.

I fixed this in my version of links (0.96) by changing the first for 
loop in set_cookie from:

   for (p = str; *p != ';' && *p; p++) if (WHITECHAR(*p)) return 0;

   for (p = str; *p != ';' && *p && !(WHITECHAR(*p)); p++);

I suspect the cookie parsing code may need to be refined some more, 
because my hurried look at the rfc2109 indicates that it's even 
permitted to have spaces on either side of the equals (whereas in this 
case the space was between the value and the ; character. (It's been 
*ages* since I've programmed in C, otherwise I'd do a full patch).


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