[links-list] Re: Why?

Maxim V. Kryzhny kry at mg.dp.ua
Fri Sep 14 07:13:51 PDT 2001

On 14 Sep 2001, clemensF wrote:

> > Point is to have several pages loading in single links %)
> > On single terminal.
> you can use the `f' command if the display is too crowded, and if you
> combine links with screen, you can have as many links you want.  they sync
> automatically via socket in ~/.links.
> clemens


Why? Why I should necessarily study keyboard combinations screen, xterm,
AnyTerm, IsoTerm etc.
I understand that such solutions are elegant and speak about intelligence
of the concrete user.
But imagine: I till now did not know, that in xterm there
is a menu "New window"!
And all the same it is inconvenient to me to have a heap of term windows
on desktop.

I the simple user with an average level of derivation also am
awfully lazy :)

All the same without the menu "New window" is inconvenient.

I want the menu "New window" :)

Good luck!


PS Links any more utility. And as against other console browsers,
it is intuitively clear and is simple (therefore it to me is pleasant).

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