[links-list] Re: Why?

Maxim V. Kryzhny kry at mg.dp.ua
Fri Sep 14 13:13:38 PDT 2001

at 21:34:44 Fri Sep 14 Matt Ackert wrote:
> I'm confused.  It seems like you're saying "I like the New Window command,
> but I don't like the fact that it makes new windows".
> What do you expect it to do?

No, no... I spoke that I like windows in the uniform environment.
I not the programmer (&developer), me am difficult to operate
with the terms, but if to conduct analogy, I like a windowing system
in an Opera, rather than in a Netscape(&MSIE).

> "screen" *IS* elegant and easy to use, and sounds like it will do what
> you want -- a bunch of web pages all visible at once but NOT taking up
> literal GUI windows.

I nothing have against the Screen, moreover: I use this perfect
solution. I spoke that it really is rather elegant. But...
I want, and it is possible to tell "me it is pleasant", to use Links
as a self-sufficient and independent product.
Some kind of "the integrated environment of WWWview" at all volume, that
it is not bad integrated in already available environment of the Linux user.
I do not want to distract and to think about "new ways" integrations of
the Links with other apps - I want to open, to read and, if it is
necessary, to save (without  ">", etc) in one and once to started program.

Agree, browser it not that tool, which is used as background process.
It is designed for constant contact to the user, and, if want,
for his (user) attention. Because of it I want were in environment of
a product, which occupies so much my attention & to have all under a hand
- in _my_ menu and in _my_ status - string (line?:).


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