[links-list] redefinition of 'struct option'

David Monk david at purplebear.net
Wed Sep 26 07:29:56 PDT 2001


I have been using links off and on for a couple months now. I use it mostly on a Windows NT 4 system using the cygwin porting layer from http://www.cygwin.com
I have successfully built this in the past with no problems. There was a recent upgrade to cygwin, with a change to unistd.h that has it include getopt.h automatically. According to the developers, this is a requirement of the Standard UNIX Specification v2.
However, now when trying to build links 0.96, I get the following error:

gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.     -g -O2 -c af_unix.c
In file included from af_unix.c:1:
links.h:1935: redefinition of `struct option'
make: *** [af_unix.o] Error 1

With a little research, I found that commenting the getopt.h include out of unistd.h allows links to build cleanly.

My question is, is there anything the links developers could do to make this work without changing unistd.h?

David Monk

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