[links-list] links as text/html filter for email

Stig Hackvan stig at hackvan.com
Wed Sep 26 11:15:55 PDT 2001

Hi.  links is great, but i have some very strong desires that it be a bit more useful for basic html -> text conversion in a mail
client and/or in an outbound mail filter that converts html mail to text+html mail.

1.  as in lynx, links should be annotated textually with links -dump,  there ought to be an index of links at the foot of the page.
     also, since color may be lacking, <a ...>this is the link</a> should be textually visually noted as something like (this is the link)[1]...  underlines would be great for display purposes (using man-style ^H_ means) but something textual needs to be there for mail filter uses...

2. [img] or [alt text] seems missing...these are important to know what's being "lost in translation"...

3. option to use man-style bold and underline highlights in -dump output

4. option to use colors in -dump output

5. an example /usr/bin/sendmail wrapper (preferably perl) to convert html mail to text/html mail  

I want several things that I'm hoping others want as well:  

   1) I want to better apprehend the subtlety of emphasis in text/html email...  (i mostly use mutt these days)
   2) I want to be better able to create such content without having to use Outlook Express.  (Netscape sucks too)
   3) I want the default configurations of all unix mail tools to move towards compatibility with mainstream email conventions.

Actually, what I want is to hack links and perl to go from a personal markup into text+html+attachments...from my own style of text markup to html, then back to text with links at the bottom and better formatting, but with html & inline images for those who aren't so text-only retro...which is 99% of the people with whom I want to communicate:  the One True Editor is the Human Dialog..."tools" that alienate one from that dialog are a handicap.

I'm willing to spend some time on the links-internal aspect of these things, but if someone more experienced with the links code were to take an interest in links as email filter, then that would be the best use of global energy.  I'd rather focus on the perl glue, but i have a suspicion that somewhere else there's already some code to do some of what i want and so that would be a good starting point.  

If nobody on this list much cares about filtering use of links (i don't care about text browsing, frankly) then a pointer from someone else more familiar with the code would be most helpful to get me started...


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