[links-list] Re: links as text/html filter for email

Petr Baudis pasky at pasky.ji.cz
Wed Sep 26 11:34:56 PDT 2001

(please use enter in your further mails ;)

>      also, since color may be lacking, <a ...>this is the link</a> 
> hould be textually visually noted as something like (this is the link)[1]...
> underlines would be great for display purposes (using man-style ^H_ means)
> but something textual needs to be there for mail filter uses...
links -html-numbered-links 1 -dump http://pasky.ji.cz/ # ;-)

> 2. [img] or [alt text] seems missing...these are important to know what's being "lost in translation"...
links -html-images 1 -dump http://some.page.with.images.com/

> I want several things that I'm hoping others want as well:  
>    1) I want to better apprehend the subtlety of emphasis in text/html
>       email...  (i mostly use mutt these days)
so do i, and for those reasons i'm launching the links itself and
using it as a pager as well :)

>    2) I want to be better able to create such content without
>       having to use Outlook Express.  (Netscape sucks too)
eek? you mean adding kinda wysiwyg html editor into links?! ;-)

>    3) I want the default configurations of all unix mail tools
>       to move towards compatibility with mainstream email conventions.
i guess this is a bad place where to complain.. anyway sending
mails in html only is usually in unix community considered as
a Bad Thing (tm)..

    4) I want ever documented *all* options in default.c ;-)
       'do it by myself', yeah :-). Maybe the best thing at
       all would be to report all possible options with -help,
       and insert description field into *_options structure.
       It would definitively force us to document it ;-)..
       If you ever dig e.g. in XaoS sources, you know what i mean :)

> Actually, what I want is to hack links and perl to go from a personal
> markup into text+html+attachments...from my own style of text markup
> to html, then back to text with links at the bottom and better formatting,
> but with html & inline images for those who aren't so text-only retro...
i really don't see any big advantage on that.. why do you need inline
images? know about attachments? ;-))

> which is 99% of the people with whom I want to communicate:  the One True
> Editor is the Human Dialog..."tools" that alienate one from that dialog
> are a handicap.
i see nothing which helps communication thru mail on html.. but this is OT
and gonna become just an useless flame.

>    ...every day, computers are making people easier to use...
idealist.. ;-)


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