[links-list] Re: links as text/html filter for email

Stig Zax Hackvän stig at hackvan.com
Wed Sep 26 13:13:37 PDT 2001

On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 08:34:56PM +0200, Petr Baudis wrote:
> (please use enter in your further mails ;)
> >      also, since color may be lacking, <a ...>this is the link</a> 
> > hould be textually visually noted as something like (this is the link)[1]...
> > underlines would be great for display purposes (using man-style ^H_ means)
> > but something textual needs to be there for mail filter uses...
> links -html-numbered-links 1 -dump http://pasky.ji.cz/ # ;-)

two problems with this:
   1. (and lynx does this too) there's no way to see what text is linked.  it
      makes a difference if it's the word immediately preceeding the footnote or the
      6 words preceeding the footnote.
   2. there is no list of links at the bottom of the page.  
      that seems to be another flag that must be waved...
      (i dislike mandatory flag-waving ;')

> > 2. [img] or [alt text] seems missing...these are important to know what's being "lost in translation"...
> links -html-images 1 -dump http://some.page.with.images.com/

uh, okay.  it would be nice to default to the name of the image when there is no alt text as that would still convey some meaning and allow correlation with attached images.

> > I want several things that I'm hoping others want as well:  
> > 
> >    1) I want to better apprehend the subtlety of emphasis in text/html
> >       email...  (i mostly use mutt these days)
> so do i, and for those reasons i'm launching the links itself and
> using it as a pager as well :)

I use mailcap w/ copiousoutput=1 because that's the only way i've found to get the converted html quoted for replies.  I  also don't want to use an external pager because then i lose the keystrokes of the mail-reader.  if i want to follow a link, i'll rely on the terminal's url-detection mechanisms.  (and i'd like there to be a terminal code to make clickable text, just like colored text...  <esc><something>URL^Gtext^G)

> >    2) I want to be better able to create such content without
> >       having to use Outlook Express.  (Netscape sucks too)
> eek? you mean adding kinda wysiwyg html editor into links?! ;-)

no.  a simplified human-typable markup.  

like this:  b;bold one word   -> <b>bold</b> one word
	    b;;bold many words; -> <b>bold many words</b>

that's just what i consider to be within the realm of what's reasonable to type.
it's possible to do it without torturing fingers or switching editors.
but editor support would certainly be nice.

i only want links to be an effective way to filter html to text, with flat text
and terminal-ready output as separate options.

> >    3) I want the default configurations of all unix mail tools
> >       to move towards compatibility with mainstream email conventions.
> i guess this is a bad place where to complain.. anyway sending
> mails in html only is usually in unix community considered as
> a Bad Thing (tm)..
>     4) I want ever documented *all* options in default.c ;-)
>        'do it by myself', yeah :-). Maybe the best thing at
>        all would be to report all possible options with -help,
>        and insert description field into *_options structure.
>        It would definitively force us to document it ;-)..
>        If you ever dig e.g. in XaoS sources, you know what i mean :)

i'm not complaining.  snowballs have to start rolling somewhere and I hope to
energize others who believe, as I do, that dated mail tools are balkanizing
discussions unnecessarily.

> >    ...every day, computers are making people easier to use...
> idealist.. ;-)

ideals guide us.


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