[links-list] Re: links as text/html filter for email

vik at econz.co.nz vik at econz.co.nz
Wed Sep 26 14:57:34 PDT 2001

clemensF wrote:
> > Petr Baudis:
> > >    ...every day, computers are making people easier to use...
> > idealist.. ;-)
> no, no, he's right, absolutely!  this is, after all, what progress
> is all about:  making people easier to use!

Er, that's propaganda isn't it?

Anyway, I tried the patch to put names in place of [IMG] and it works a
treat. That belongs in the main code, unless anyone wants to get real
smart and add a flag to make it optional.

Does anyone have that patch to invoke Netscape on a link?

Vik :v)
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