[links-list] HP-UX problem: links not working

Ansamaa Jarkko Jarkko.Ansamaa at comptel.com
Fri Sep 28 04:26:15 PDT 2001


I just started to use links, I have a problem originally reported in

From:  "M. Lavasani" <lavasani at c...>
Date:  Mon Mar 26, 2001  11:58 am
Subject:  [links-list] Runing Links on HPUX platform

I am running links 0.96pre8 on HP-UX. I've tested on HP 10.20 and 11, I have
also compiled links on both.

At first I start links without arguments, program starts but hangs
immediately. I can see that it created socket under ~/.links/ directory.
>From my debug prints I can see that it went to the select_loop, first select
goes OK but the second one blocks.

Next I start another links with the same userid, this one works normally. If
I start more, all of them are working normally. I can see from the debug
messages from the first links (the hung one) that select_loop is looping
when there are new links instances launched.

If I start links with "./links -no-connect" it will always hang up, no
matter how many instances there are running or hung. When I kill the first
hung one, all links instances die.

I read somewhere that links instances are sharing some resources on the
system. So I guess that the first links instance reserves the resources but
for some reason fails and the later instances use these resources + work
normally. On other Unix platforms, OSF1, SunOs and AIX, there are no

Any ideas what is causing this?

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