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csaba.raduly at sophos.com csaba.raduly at sophos.com
Wed Apr 3 06:15:49 PST 2002

On 02/04/2002 03:23:58 David Mediavilla wrote:

>Calum Selkirk escribió:
>> * Petr Baudis [pasky at pasky.ji.cz] [2002-03-29 13:19 +0100]:
>> > ELinks, your wishlists etc :). Looking forward for them.
>> 3. remove elinks file extensions and associations and use ~/.mime.types
>> /etc/mime.types ~/.mailcap, /etc/mailcap. These could be provided as
>> separate files in /contrib.
>In OS/2, there is no mime.types file. I have a mailcap and extmap but
>they only have one line. So this would be new for OS/2 users, at least
>those who don't use Unix applications a lot.

WebExplorer uses a rudimentary mailcap.
A fairly complete mime.types can be had from the Apache distribution.

I support this wish heartily. On systems which do have a
system-wide mime.types, it's a standard and easy-to-edit
way to record this information. On a system that doesn't,
it still has the advantage of being able to copy it
from a system that does :-)

There should be no need for Links to reinvent the wheel
(i.e. mime.types and mailcap)

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